Bringing Star Wars Home

There are a ton of awesome attractions and entertainment offerings at Walt Disney World for the Star Wars fanatics that walk amongst us, but then there are folks who really want to bring the battle between the Force and the Dark Side into our homes. We have that in our house, but with David Bowie. Jill actually has a piece of art in every room in the house, including my office with a Pop Vinyl of Jared from Labrynth, with the iconic performer that graced our television sets and concert venues with his skills. I bring this up in order to sympathize with you...and to mention that I'm used to searching through Amazon to find some really out-there ways to sneak in a specific person or genre into our home (without over-doing it).

Here are a few ways in which you can bring a little Star Wars home with you after you've visited the Disney Parks in Florida!

STAR WARS Darth Vader(TM) Handheld Shower Head

Rule your shower with your very own darth vader handheld shower head! you can now take the force with you in the shower with a full-force shower head fit for a sith lord. It's the perfect way to turn your shower in your own empire. And you'll find the many features of this shower head impressive... most impressive. It has a rubber grip designed to reduce slipping, a comfort control lever that adjusts water pressure, and 3 spray settings. Experience the shower difference that's out of this galaxy.

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Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain

Han Solo has the fastest ship in the galaxy and is the best smuggler on this side of Tatooine. He becomes involved with the Rebels as he helps Luke Skywalker begin the battle for freedom from the Empire. At first he was only in it for the money but he soon fell in love with Princess Leia and took up the cause on his own. Made famous by Harrison Ford, Han solo is now an infamous character within the Star Wars galaxy for beginning as a reckless smuggler with sarcastic wit and then changing into a guy that won't let his friends down. One of Han Solo's most memorable moments is when he is frozen in a Carbonite block and hung on the wall of Jabba The Hutt's wall as a trophy. May The Force Be With You!

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This Star Wars themed tub mat has a textured backing to help prevent slips. The mat also comes with suction cups on the back to help prevent sliding. Matches well with other Star Wars themed bathroom accessories and items.

Why is this awesome? Rubber Duckies got nothing on R2D2 and C3P0!

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Let's look at this from the eyes of a Star Wars fan...because there's nothing better than hiding your hobbies and other fun things in plain sight! This is taking that to a whole new level with bringing a hilarious pun into your bathroom. Seriously...awesome!

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The Star Wars Darth Vader Apron is an officially licensed character apron made of 100% cotton. The apron bib measures 31.5" long without straps and is one size fits all. Machine washable. Printed in the USA.

Let's look at the bonus of this item. First off, guys love to why not encourage that with an awesome outfit. Secondly, if your partner wants to cook...then all you have to do is have an epic Lightsaber battle with uncooked spaghetti noodles and the winner gets to wear the apron!

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Can't go wrong with more Star Wars in our day-to-day lives!!