7 Table Service Restaurants for Vegetarian and Meat-Eater Couples


I’m a carnivore and my girlfriend is a veggie-saurus. Eating meals around Walt Disney World includes a lot of planning on my end because it’s important for both of us to have a great experience. In the past, we’ve stuck to buffets, however on our last Disney Dining Plan Vacation to the World we did our research and came up with a list of solid options to please both of us.

*Vegetarian Tip*

Inform your server that you have a vegetarian (or Dietary Preference/Allergy) and they will get a chef to walk you through the offerings and provide you with options that you may not have known about. The signage is usually pretty basic, so this expert level of service is what puts Disney’s restaurants on a gold standard level.

Here are 7 Table Service Restaurants that Cater to Both Vegetarians and Meat-Eater Couples

#1 - Tusker House

This is so much more than a traditional buffet. With Disney, you’re going to find the common dishes at every location. Usually a carved meat selection of pork loin, chicken and beef next to a large selection of salads, breads, and desserts. However, Tusker House brings in an element of spice and presentation that lands it on this list.

The vegetarian options range from Samosa, Curried Rice to Tandoori Tofu and Fruit Chutneys.

Overall, you’re able to get a dining experience that actually rivals some of the resort locations for quality...and it’s right inside of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

How To MCO Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Buffet with Chef Walk-Through

Relish scrumptious vegetarian dishes at Tusker House Restaurant including a vegetable stew.

#2 - Cinderella’s Royal Table

The quality of the Seasonal Gnocchi with Roasted Vegetables is high when you’re thinking about being in the middle of the Magic Kingdom Castle. An added bonus, the portion sizes here are crazy!  No one is going to go hungry when eating at Cinderella's Royal Table.  Your server is responsible for a small number of tables, so this will allow for personalized dining experience.

How To MCO Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Seasonal Gnocchi

Elegant table setting at Cinderella’s Royal Table, with soaring stone archways and stained-glass windows

#3 - Captains Grille

On the menu at the Captain's Grille is the signature "Vegetarian Inspiration".  It changes with the season depending on which vegetables are the freshest and in season.  This allows the chefs to be creative and come up with flavour combinations that go above and beyond.  Trust the chefs!  Seriously, this is still a meal that is talked about when we are discussion future trips.

How To MCO Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Vegetarian Inspiration


#4 - Be Our Guest

This is an option that will allow you to get back to basics, as you may spend the week with heavily creamed pasta and deep-fried dishes. Overflowing with vegetables and lightly seasoned grains, there is a reason why French food is synonymous with quality.  Oh, and with Grey Stuff on the menu, it’s definitely worth the reservation!

How To MCO Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Ratatouille with Quinoa

Quinoa garnished with zucchinis, tomatoes and more

#5 - Coral Reef

This is a location where you really want to engage with the service staff, as the kitchen may have something special up their sleeves. If you’re ordering directly from the menu, the Chick’n Breast and Vegetables is well worth your time. It’s not a heavy “soy” flavoured taste, which is a nice change from the norm.

How To MCO Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Chick'n Breast


#6 - Boma

Boma is the buffet where a vegetarian ACTUALLY gets a better experience than a meat-eater. This is due to the abundance of spices, spreads, soups, curries and stews.  Get a chef to point out which flavour combos work well together and ask how spicy some dishes are as they walk you through the buffet.

How To MCO Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: The Buffet with Chef Walk-Through

Grilled tomatoes and asparagus on a plate and, in the background, a pan with grilled tomatoes and a pan with grilled asparagus

#7 - Sanaa

They have a full vegetarian menu! The Vegetarian Sampler provides you with selections that you’ll just dive into. Take the advice of your server, as they are able to guide you towards the best pairings.

How To MCO Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Vegetarian Sampler

Indian-style bread service with 4 dipping sauces