4 Fun Facts about the Haunted Mansion


There's something comforting about hearing the phrase "Welcome, foolish mortals", and if you're anything like us at Steps To Magic...you have a piece of clothing that shows your admiration for the classic Walt Disney World attraction, the Haunted Mansion! 

If you've always wanted to know a little bit more about the land of the Doombuggies, then look alive...and scroll down (if you dare)

Here are 4 Fun Facts about the Haunted Mansion

The Pet Cemetery's Famous Amphibian

As you leave mansion, look to your left and you'll notice a small pet cemetery. There are a number of tombstones and one interesting nod to the former inhabitant to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh...Mr Toad!

Grim Grinning Ghosts

The creepy (yet recognizable) organ music you hear in the stretching room is just "Grim Grinning Ghosts" slowed way down.  You are hearing one song on the whole attraction, starting very slow and increasing in tempo as the ride goes on.

Multi-purposed Audio-Animatronic

In the ballroom scene, there is an elderly woman sitting in a rocking chair.  This audio-animatronic figure is a duplicate made from the Grandmother in one of the side scenes of the Carousel of Progress.

Stretching Room

Disneyland and Walt Disney World may both have the Haunted Mansion, but are constructed in very different ways. The DLR version is an actual elevator which takes guests underneath the mansion where the load-in area is located. In Florida, the goal of the stretching room is more about setting the scene, as they didn't need to have an elevator due to the size of the property.

Featured on the Keys to the Kingdom Tour

When you're going through the Magic Kingdom on the 4-hour Keys to the Kingdom Tour, one of the destinations is the Haunted Mansion. Not only does the tour guide share information about the backstory, but they also provide insights into the "backstage" elements of the attraction!

There are so many amazing facts and stories surrounding the Haunted Mansion and it's rich history of how it was brought from a basic concept into the attraction that we see today. Are there any fun facts that you want to share with everyone? Share them with us on Social Media @StepsToMagic